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What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is the use of a very powerful power flushing machine which runs very high flow rates but at low pressure so as not to cause any damage to your system. Along with the pump we use very powerful magnets to capture all magnetic debris in the system ( pictured left). We also have heaters to heat the system water when boiler is not operational and use thermal imaging cameras to find problem areas on the system.

Our engineers are gas safe registered, this means we can get into to your boiler, removing plate heat exchangers, connecting onto your pump head for maximum flow around the system. ( It is illegal for anyone to remove a boiler casing if not gas safe registered ).

There is a process called magnaclensing or magna flushing, this is not to be confused as power flushing, this process using the boilers pump which does not have enough flow to clean the system properly and 2 magnets to capture the dirt.

We only power flush correctly to industry standard and guarantee all our power flushes for 5 years and provide a certificate upon completion.

Why Power Flush?

From day one of installation your radiators are corroding from inside out, The rust and black iron oxide build up in your pump, heat exchangers, radiators and pipework blocking passage ways resulting in radiators not working or your boiler overheating. We use the latest in power flush equipment to remove this rust and black iron oxide to bring your central heating back to the condition it was the day it was installed. With new boiler installs its a MUST to power flush the system prior to installing the new boiler, chances are the last boiler ended its life due to breakdowns caused from rust and iron oxide blocking up parts in the boiler causing them to fail, newer boilers have smaller passageways and its a must to have clean water running through them to maintain its life and efficiency.

What can you expect?

Once your flush has been completed you can expect all of the following
  • Faster system heat up times
  • Fuel bill savings upto 35%
  • Quieter boiler
  • Longer boiler life
  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Hotter radiators
  • 5 years guarantee

Few Before and after thermal images.

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